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Any weapon that a player wishes to use that is not included on the list MUST be cleared by the GM.

A weapon in this game may be anything that simulates the effect of a real weapon in a HARMLESS fashion. Common examples are dart guns, water guns, "posion tokens" and balloons.

The GM is responsible for deciding, before the game starts, which weapons will be legal. Each player's weapons are the property of that player ( STOCS weapons, for the duration of the game). In a "hot pursuit" situation, one player may pick up a dropped weapon belonging to another player for emergency use - but such weapons must be returned as soon as possible or delivered to the GM.

-Weapon Approval

For fairness and safety, the GM will check and approve any weapon before it can be used. For instance, all water guns are safe, but some dart guns are risky unless modified. NEVER assume that a weapon is safe because it is sold as a "toy". No player will be allowed to use a weapon that he would not allow to be used on himself - and the GM will also be considering weapons in a similure fashion.

-Realistic Weapons

Dont. That simple. Players will NOT be allowed to use any realistic looking knives or guns. DCU is a public area. If security or a student or a gardai sees you waving about a black toy pistol from 20 feet away you may be in for a world of trouble. A fluorescent-orange dart gun is far better!


-Throwing Stars

The Japanese shuriken, or "throwing star" can be represented by a piece of heavy foam, cut to shape. These are easy to hide and simple to make in quanity. Throw it with a flipping motion and do not aim for the victums head.



The peas may be poisoned darts. Do not use real darts! Head shots should be avoided also. Note that since the poison darts are being simulated, the killer may not go around with a mouthfull of peas. He may at most three dart, which must be kept in a box in his pocket. A pea may only be put in the blowgun when it is about to be fired. A disguised blowgun(cigarette, pen, etc.) is a good ploy.


-Rolled Socks

These make a very handy simulated blackjacks. A tap on the head or neck is sufficient to stun a victum; then you may dispose of him at your leisure ;) Do NOT put anything in the socks except (perhaps) another sock. That would make it a real blackjack, which can really injure someone.


It is almost impossible to hurt someone with a boffer, but it can happen on a bad day. A boffer is simply a soft foam, which may be wrapped with duct tape to make it smoother and stronger. A rolled up towel is another good boofer. To score a kill with a boffer is very difficult, one must hit the victum on the BODY with it; head blows are illegal. Since a boffer is very difficult to hide, this must be accomplished by stealth or surprise.


-Ping Pong Balls

Ping-pong balls make safe ammunition for an ORDINARY slingshot.


-Water Guns

Any water gun makes a perfect assassin's weapon. Most water guns have a very short range and are noiseless - thus, they can be taken as "silenced pistols". A water gun is more suitable for a treacherous shot in the back than for any sort of "fair" gunplay. It has the advantage of (temp) marking their victums, emlinating arguments.

Water guns have two severe disadvantages. First , they may leak while being carried in the pocket; this can lead to inconvenience, embarrassment, and possibly death if your victum realizes you're carrying. Furthurmore, a water gun does not always fire the first time you pull the trigger. Several pulls may be required to "prime the pump especially on a cheap gun. This delay can be fatal.

Window glass will not stop a bullet. Therefore, a water gun (or any other pistol) can kill a victum on the other side of a closed window. Rules : The victum must be within 3 feet of the window, and must see you fire. Knock on the window - and when he turns, let him have it.

-Dart Guns

A dart gun is almost safe. Dart guns have a much better range than water pistols, and the tips may be marked with chalk to show when a victum is hit. The SPRONG noise can alert the victim if your first sot misses. Furthermore, they are slow to reload.

-Foam Disc Guns

Small, inaccurate but rapid-firing, a good hideaway weapon.

-Nerf Weapons

Nerf guns, and their imitators, are foam dart guns. But that's like saying that T.Rex was a lizard. Nerf guns are the last word in man-portable silly weaponary.

Most large Nerf guns fall into three categories - the rest are pistol "hideaways" really.

  • *Machine-Guns : Several darts in rapid sequence and generally lots of noise.
  • *Burst Guns : Fire lots of small darts at once. A good defensive weapon..
  • *Rocket Launchers : Large single fireing weapons. With good aim and bad luck you may actually hit someone.

-Peashooter Guns

Toy guns that fire small plastic discs or pellets or dried peas. Same rules at Dart Guns.

-Spud Guns

The gun uses compressed aim to fire a pellet of raw potato. The user carries a potato around and jams the gun-barrel into it at need, punching out a core which can then be fired. Note that anyone seen carrying around a potato is "displaying a weapon".

-Rubber Band Guns

Simple to make, easy to fire and a bitch to hit with. Same rules as Dart guns.


In a duel of wits, bombs are perhaps the most elegant and satisfying way to send your target to his reward. The scoe for cleverness, creativity, and downright fiendishness afforded to the bomber is unmatched by any other method of execution.

With a few exceptions any bomb simulator MUST be a device that actually produces an explosion, identifiable loud noise, or obvioius visual effect. You may not, for instance, place a slip of paper saying "BOOM" underneath a victum;s pillow in order to blow his head off. The effectiveness of a bomb in this game is balanced by the fact that the assassin must actually build some triggering device and use it to aciviate a noisemaker. A bomber must be clever!

If the victim of a bomb does not actually hear the bomb go off, he isnt dead. Again, victims are on their honour to die if they hear the explosin...but a bomb that you can't hear is clearly a dud.

Bombs come in all sizes. The effectivesness of a bomb depends on its size. This is perfectly fair - the bigger the bomb is, the harder it will be to hide. An alarm clock by itself would be a small bomb. Put it in a shoe box, and its a bigger one. Put it in a packing crate and, if not found, it can level a building. Any bomb that is not immediately obvious should have a note saying "BOMB" taped to the outside. This gives the victim a chance to find it if he is sufficiently paranoid.

Time Bombs - Alarm Clock, Kitchen Timer, Electric Timer, Tape Recorder (record "BOOM" and have the tape blank till then), Tack and Balloon.. there are loads of possibilities!


Introduction of "poison" into the victim's food or drink ( or whatever offers great scope for cleverness - but there must be a way for the victim to detect the poison in advance, if he is careful enough. He has to have a chance to see the note, notice the smear of "contact poison", spot the hard candy at the bottom of his beer glass, or taste his food carefully enough to notice the special flavoring..

Poisons are assumed to act quickly. Upon finding himself poisoned, the victim should clutch his throat, exclaim "aaaarrggh" and expire.

-Poison Notes for Food

The word "POISON" is written on a piece of paper and taped to the bottom of a bowl or glass. If the victim eats or drinks before finding the note, he's dead. Lipstick or grease pencil may be used to write directly onto the bottom of a plate or bottle. It's especially elegant to write the note on the bottom of a glass plate or mug, so the victim can easily see it AFTER he's started to eat.

-Double Sided Adhesive Tape

A strip of this tape can represent contact poison. It's quite visable, so use it where the victim will reach without seeing - or at least without looking. Write "POISON" on or under the tape, just to make sure the victim doesn't miss the point.

-Hard Candy

Small candies make excellent edible poison tokens! Use as you would any other poison indicator - for instance, bury them in mashed potatoes.

-Chocolate Beer Killers

Chocolate with a hard candy coating will (at first) do nothing if dropped into beer - but when the coating dissolves, the beer will begin to foam the colour that the candy was. This is highly distressing way to knock off a beer-drinker.

-Fake Food

Novelty shops offer a variety of plastic hot dogs, cheese slices, and so on. Some of these look very real indeed. Just make sure they are clean before you serve them to your soon-to-be-late friends.

-Poison Tokens

These tokens should be large and made from some solid, non-toxic substance. They should say "POISON" in large letters. Secrete one in your victim's food or drink. If he examines the poisoned repast, he will find the token. If he eats or drinks, he will find it anyway..too late. The token must be made so it cannot really be swallowed.

No realilstic looking weapons will be allowed OR pellet guns so don't bother asking!

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